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Violent clashes in Lake Chad Saturday

Samedi 10 Juillet 2021

After the death of Abubakar Shekau, historical leader of the group, Bakura who leads a wing of Boko Haram and Elbarnawi the fall of Shekau dispute the inheritance.

Violent clashes in Lake Chad Bakoura Modou, said Sahaba, the new alleged leader of the Boko Haram group is struggling to assert his authority over what remains of the fighters of his rival Shékau, who died last May during fighting with the Islamic State group in Africa. 'West, Iswap. El Barnawi, the new strongman, who split from Boko Haram in 2016 and now heads Daesh version of West Africa, gave Boko Haram elements a month-long ultimatum to pledge allegiance to him or leave permanently scrub. While a thousand men would have decided to join Iswap, and despite the sending by Bakoura Modou of an emissary to solicit negotiations, violent clashes were reported, last Saturday and Sunday, between the two factions making many deaths. The strategy of Iswap leader Abou Mous-ab Al-Barnawi is to take advantage of the rainy season to bring under his control all the territory formerly acquired by the two rival tendencies. Iswap claims to launch after the rainy season major offensives against the positions of "enemy" forces in the hope of reconquering new towns such as Gambarou, Banki and Maiduguri, the capital of northern Nigeria. With the adhesion of a good part of the elements of Shekau after the defeat in its stronghold, Daesh is in the process of strengthening its position in the Sambisa forest, in north-eastern Nigeria and is approaching the Nigerian and Chadian borders where There is his new rival successor of Shékau who died as a martyr according to Bakoura Sahaba who promised to avenge him, calling Albarnawi a perverse aggressor. Indeed, the conflict in the Lake Chad basin has left around 36,000 dead and two million displaced. It should be noted that under military pressure and especially after the last Chadian military operation in Bohoma, the group which is affected by serious internal divisions broke up into several factions and today only has around 6,500 in its ranks. people, i.e. 44.77% of its workforce of 14,520 (end of 2015 - beginning of 2016). Of the 6,500 people belonging to Boko Haram on the ground, 1,690 are women. Taking this detail into account, there are only 4,800 active fighters left on the ground scattered across the different factions. To win back the hearts of the youth and villagers disappointed in the past by the scorched earth policy of Shekau, Albarnawi launched a communication and awareness campaign. In addition, one of the techniques used by the fighters of Shékau is to surround - at dawn - a village then gather all the inhabitants before choosing two to three people at random to slaughter them immediately, then ask the opinion of the other. Faced with terror, all the villagers immediately swear allegiance to the sect. Today, Boko Haram does not have this possibility because it has lost more than 85% of its territory and 8000 people between dead and disengaged. The total number of withdrawals is 6,476, including 2,354 in 2020. For more details click on the following link
Source: CEDPE 7000 désengagés de Boko Haram à réinsérer: La bombe à retardement (French Edition) eBook: Yacoub Dabio, Ahmat: Kindle Store